Portable Fume extractor

The 70-100M welding fume extractor -HEPA features a dual speed motor that allows the user to switch between 113 cfm or 226 cfm of extraction power. The low speed, 113 cfm setting is ideal for soldering, brazing and light TIG welding applications. Use the high speed, 226 cfm setting for Stick and MIG welding applications.

The unit comes complete with disposable HEPA filter for the control of Hexavalent Chromium and other harmful substances.

Dual 113 CFM / 226 CFM high vacuum fume extraction & filtration capacity
Runs on standard 120V input power
High capacity HEPA filter ensures maximum worker protection against Hexavalent Chromium and other harmful substances
Designed for field and benchwork, this unit is lightweight, portable and easy to use
10 ft. extraction hose w/flexible steel tube and nozzle assembly
Magnetic support base for hands free operation
Specialty filters available for odor and oil mist control
Heavy duty all steel construction
Built in spark trap for fire safety
Filter status LED light
UL Listed
Made in USA
Two year limited warranty
24"L x 17"H x 12"W
Weight: 58 lbs. with filters installed

Évacuation de fumées soudage, appareil portatif

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