BlueWeld Fully Automatic Water Cooled Smart Spot Welder
Forget about type of material, manual settings, and reference tables.
BlueWeld Smart Autoset allows the auto detection of both material and thickness, all you need to do is weld.
MDFC Inverter Technology, microprocessor controlled resistance spot welder
In comparison with traditional Spotwelders, the POWER GUN technology (power circuits integrated in the clamp) allows for high spotv weldingcurrents with low absorption rates, the use of longer (5m) and lighter cables with no EMF emissions for easier holding and a wider range of action.
Ecxellent results with HSS nd galvanised metal sheets.
The innovative Smart Autoset technology of Inverspotter 14000 SMART AQUA, thanks to the auto recognition of the materialk and thickness, eliminates set-up times and guarantees optimal spot weldseven if types of steel to be processed are unknown. The digital multifunction panel makes it simple to adjust spot weld parameters automatically according to chosen tool, the type of material and sheet thickness.

The programs and reports generated can be transferred to  USBfsh drive for printing or viewing on a PC.

128 standard programs and 400+ customised
Auto recognition of the arm and inserted tyool
Pre and post heating for interventions on HSS and galvanized metals
Auto cooling control of machine, clamp and cables
Regulation of approach, slope and welding times
Regulation in pulse welding (pulse number and interval)
Automatic/manual regulation of pressure between electrodes
COMPLETE with Water-cooled gun and trolley

Specs: 220V, 3Ph
Gun: 550daN
Weight: 220 lbs.

Optional Arms
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