Warranty and Terms & Conditions
Arslan Air Tool Warranty
Arslan air tools (line 24 items ending with 'G') are warrantied
to be free from manufacturing defects for a full calendar
year from date of sale to the user. User must mail to Arslan
within 7 days of purchase a properly filled warranty registration
card that comes with the tool, indicating date of purchase,
model number, serial number, along with a copy of original
sales invoice. In case of a warranty claim, tool must be
returned to Arslan, prepaid, with an explanation of the problem.
Arslan will repair or replace the tool at its option. If upon
examination by Arslan, it is found that there is water or rust ,
or a lack of oil in airtool, or the tool has been misused or
abused, the warranty becomes null and void. This warranty
policy takes effect as of July 1st, 2001 on all new airtools
purchased and sold to users.

Please take note that only the Air Tools are guaranteed and
NOT the parts which see use - such as drill bits, blades, saws,
punches, sanding pads, etc.
Terms & Conditions
Prices and discounts are subject to change with or
without notice and orders are executed at the prices
in effect at the time of dispatch of the order.
All prices are F.O.B. our warehouse. Freight is
prepaid on orders of $1,500.00 net invoice. Any
damage and/or shortage claims must be made by
the customer directly to the carrier.
Payment Terms
Net 30 days from date of invoice. A monthly 2%
administration fee is charged on all overdue balances
(24% per annum). Payments should always be made
to the Montreal office.
Back Orders
All merchandise not shipped will be kept as back
ordered unless your purchase order specifies otherwise.
Minimum Order
A small order surcharge of $5.00 will be applied to
all orders under $25.00 net.
Return shipments will NOT be accepted unless
customer has prior written approval from us. Returns
are limited to a maximum of 5% of annual purchases
and must be made only once a calendar year during
June and July. All returns must be transport prepaid.
An offsetting purchase order of equal value must
accompany each return. Goods must be in new &
saleable condition and packaging. Returns must be
accompanied by invoice copy or invoice number.
A 15% handling charge applies to all returns.
We extend the manufacturer’s guarantee on all
products sold by us. This is the only warranty extended
and all other warranties expressed on implied are null
and void and without effect,

All shortages must be reported within seven (7) days of
receipt of shipment.

Repair Policy
A) All items sent to us for repairs must be shipped prepaid.
B) A work order, with explanation about the problem must
accompany items sent for repairs.
C) An “RGA” number must be obtained from our service
department prior to item being sent in for repair.
D) An estimate for repair(s) may be requested at the time you
call our service dept. for an “RGA” number. A $10.00 charge
is made for all repair estimates. If repair is authorized, the
$10.00 estimate charge will be waived.
E) Item(s) may be reapaired or replaced at our discretion.
F) Proof of purchase is required.
G) “RGA” number must be shown on outside of shipping carton.

Warranty Policy

A) All warranty claims must be sent to us freight prepaid.
B) An “RGA” number must be obtained from our service dept.
prior to sending merchandise for warranty service.
C) Proof of purchase must accompany good(s).
D) Item(s) may be repaired or replaced at our discretion.
E) The warranty offered is that of the manufacturer of the product.
F) "RGA" number must be written on outside of your shipping carton.

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