Universal Welding Station

Bodyshop welder, rugged design: resistance spot welding of sheets , sheet straightening with spotter (nails or washers), localized sheets heating (carbon electrode), screws and rivets welding, stainless sheet-metals spotting.

Synchronous digital welding control unit TE95 with double program,
welding time adjustment in cycles and pulses; welding current adjustment and compensation function.

Allows simultaneous connection of two tools with automatic recall of the relevant memorized welding program, enabling to save time, avoid errors and have a simple and safe working process.

The welding station with epoxy-coated transformers, is supplied with:
Item 3873 extra-flexible (water cooled ) welding cables L= 2000 mm, 150 mm2,  
Item 8675 Cooling assembly w/pneumatic pump
Item 3489 - Adjustable height trolley with tray and arms holder.
Item 8672- Smart Pneumatic gun with adjustable stroke and double function       trigger, air and water cooling,  Electrode force 30-150daN
     Pair of standard arms, L=107 mm.
Item 8075 - Multifunction gun for the welding of screws, pins, washers, rivets       and single spot. Cable L=2000 mm.
Item 7638 - Percussion extractor.
      Star electrode for straightening.
Item 7639 
Kit of consumable material; electrode for single-spot welding of pins, screws, washers and rivets, carbon electrode for localized heating; star electrode for sheets straightening.

Specs: 220V/1 ph,60Hz
Nominal power at 50% d.c.10kVA –Max power 50kVA
Max current 8kVA
Max 150daN
Weight: 105Kgs

Additional C-Arms/Eletrodes additionnels

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