Spot Welder HSS ready
The 3645 HSS is the newest addition to the TECNA family of affordable yet ruggedly built, long lasting body shop Spot Welders.

The 3645 HSS Ready is the New TECNA’s resistance welding system provided with DC inverter technology and digital control unit suitable for body shops.

T40i Welding Control Unit/ Multifunctional digital control allows a simple automatic adjustment of the welding parameters according to the arm chosen, type of material to be welded and the thickness of the sheet.

The 3645 HSS is equipped with a water cooled spot welding gun, transformer, arms, and electrodes.
It ensures excellent welds on all materials, especially on high strength steel (HSS) and galvanized sheets.
The 8679TS welding gun with built in transformer reduces electricity consumption costs by 60%, allows the use of non EMF emitting lightweight cable of 20 ft. long, providing a long reach and making your job easier by having easier access to your work.

Technical specs:
220V, 3 Phase, 50/60Hz
Main Protection (delayed)  25-30 A
Nominal Power 50% ED    10 kVA
Max. welding power        30 kVA
Max secondary current     9 kA
Max. electrode force       450 daN
Weight                                   85 kgs.

72000 - Kit of accessories and consumable material included.

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